Friday, September 3, 2010

Project moving along

The project to published the 5th edition continues. Updating the book after 2 decades has required more work than imaginable.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Divergent Paths 5th Edition

Many inquire about the status of the 5th edition of Divergent Paths of the Restoration.

The 4th edition was published in 1990, and in the past almost 20 years, there have been literally thousands of changes. New expressions of the Latter Day Saint Movement have either emerged or been discovered. Expressions of the movement that are listed in the 4th edition have undergone changes; new insights have come to light. And on and on!

I have been working for the past 3 years on a complete rewrite of Divergent Paths of the Restoration. Extensive changes to the format are underway, and extensive bibliographic references are being added to each entry in the book. Cross-reference indexes, along with indexes of various names of each expression (some groups have undergone many name changes in their histories), and key reference material for the movement overall is being added to the new edition.

Exactly when the project will be completed, I cannot say, but the project is underway, and I make as much progress as time permits. My current job demands a lot of international travel, and extensive time away from home. This poses challenges for consistent efforts on the book project. However, I do take a stack of Divergent Paths work with me each trip, and slowly but surely am working toward to the completion of a manuscript.

Three publishers have expressed interest in publishing the new book.

Stay tuned for more information!